Frequently Asked Questions

Fast paperless loans up to $1,250 available at any time!

How long does it take for the funds to be available?

If we receive the contract signed before 2:00pm, you will receive the money in the evening before midnight.

How do I sign my contract?

You can sign your contract online, through your client access, with only one click. You can also print your contract, sign it and return it by email at or by fax at 1-866-396-9212.

What are the conditions of approval?

  • 18 years or older
  • Quebec resident
  • Employed for a minimum of 3 months
  • Salary deposited directly into Canadian bank account
  • Must not be in the process of bankruptcy

Do you accept clients whose income comes from employment insurance, social assistance, CSST, SAAQ, pension, etc?

Income from pension, the SAAQ and the CSST are considered if more than $1,200 per month. Social assistance income and welfare will not be considered.

Do you accept self-employed applicants?

We only accept people with stable employment paid by direct deposit.

What are the reasons why my application could be refused?

  • Being registered for voluntary deposit
  • Having unstable employment or being employed for less than 3 months
  • Having requested documents that are modified or incomplete
  • Having more than two microloans at a given time
  • Having more than 4 NSF in the last month

I do not have a fax, where can I find one?

  • Staples (Bureau en gros)
  • Post office
  • Pharmacy
  • Convenience stores

What are your rates and service charges?

The interest rate is 22% per year. An application fee applies and varies depending on the loan amount.

What are the associated fees related to the lack of funds?

A $50 fee (for personal loans) or $25 for variable credit will be charged for a lack of funds.

What happens if I cannot make my payment on time?

You can request a payment deferral or modification at least 72 business hours before your payment date and if you have already made 3 payments on your loan. We will charge you a $35 fee (for personal loans) or $10 (for variable credit). By doing so, you will avoid extra fees: fee with the bank for insufficient funds and fee with us.

How does you paperless loan system work?

Instant Banking Verification (IBV) is a service that allows us to receive a read-only copy of your bank statement for the past 90 days. That’s all we need to approve your application! No credit check! This service is as safe as the one used by large banks and is the most effective and confidential way to get a loan quickly. For more information, visit the Paperless Loans page.

What is IBV (Instant Banking Verification)?

IBV is the technology that’s currently in use by large banking institutions. It allows us to view a read-only copy of your banking statement which lets us confirm your banking information. This lets us approve you for a loan quickly, without you having to send us a single document.

Is IBV secure?

Though the technology seems simple, it is the most secure on the market. It is the same system used by large Canadian banks. We are never given access to your username or password.

What do you do with the information provided by the IBV?

We use the IBV technology to look over a read-only copy of your banking information so we can approve you for your loan. This information is confidential, and will not be disclosed as stated in our Privacy Policy.

Does this give you my username and my password for my bank account?

Never. It is impossible for us to connect directly to your bank account with this system. It simply sends us a read-only copy of your most recent banking statement for us to review.

Do I need to use the Instant Banking Verification System?

This is the easiest way to apply because it is paper free. You don’t have to go through the hassle of finding a fax machine, scanning documents or mailing physical copies. That being said, if you are uncomfortable with the paperless system, the traditional method is still available. To apply using the traditional method, send us your banking statement for the last 31 days, a recent pay stub, proof of identity, proof of address, and a voided cheque for approval. This can be sent to or through your client account.

What should I do with my personal information that I passed along?

During your credit application, you may have given confidential information to the agent to assist you in retrieving your statements that are required for the analysis of your application. If you have submitted your bank access card number, your user code or your password to access your online account, you must change it immediately. And, in doing business with us, you acknowledge that it is your sole responsibility to ensure the confidentiality and protection of your banking information.

How do I know my case is completed?

There are 3 things that need to happen in order for your application to be completed :

  1. Your personal references have to be verified
  2. Your employment has to be verified
  3. All the documents needed have to be in our file.

Bank deposits are done during business hours, Monday to  Friday.


What are your opening hours for the Holidays?

Here are our opening hours for the 2019 Holiday season

From December 23rd to January 3rd, from 9am to 5 pm except for these days :

December 24th : open from 9am to 2 pm
December 25th : closed
December 26th : open from 12pm to 5 pm

December 31st : open from 9 am to 2 pm
January 1st : closed
January 2nd : open from 12pm to 5 pm

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